Graphic Design for your Political Campaign

Graphic Design for your Political Campaign. this website

We’ve worked with campaigns of all different sizes, from small town local elections to congressional and gubernatorial races. Our portfolio includes candidates from Michigan, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, California, Illinois, Wisconsin, Kansas and more.

Whether you’re a seasoned politician or a first-time candidate, we have the talent and the experience to help you win!


Graphic Design for your Political Campaign

Step by Step Design Process

  • Contact for a Free Campaign Consultation

    Contact for a Free Campaign Consultation

    (248) 581-4880
  • We Make It Easy

    We Make It Easy

    We’ll discuss your needs, develop a strategy and help your campaign move forward. We specialize in quick turnarounds because we know how quickly the political landscape can change, especially just prior to the election.
  • Create Campaign Logo

    Create Campaign Logo

    To create a strong brand for your political campaign, you need to start with a strong political logo. Once you’ve learned the colors, fonts, and symbols that speak to voters, build your own political logo using our AI-powered logo maker!
  • Design Campaign Materials

    Design Campaign Materials

    Graphic Design for your Political Campaign - Our graphic design team can create your campaign logo, postcards, palm cards, brochures, and other impactful visual communications.
  • Editing, Editing, Editing

    Editing, Editing, Editing

    We make the editing process painless with three free rounds of editing with any design purchase. We provide next-day edits to keep your campaign moving forward.
  • We’re Union Printers!

    We’re Union Printers!

    That means we know how to design things for print production. Even if you don’t utilize our print and mail services, getting print-ready files right from the start can save you valuable production time.
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